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Thank you for wanting to be a part of this project. We know how stressful this time is for our country,for  you personally, and for your business.

In order to make Order’s Up successful for restaurants and businesses alike,  we’re going to need communication and transparency from everyone.

We encourage you to take the following steps to plan for your business and to connect with other local entities:

  1. Create a minimal “catering” menu that you can offer with pricing and serving sizes. (for example, a hot tray of lasagna that feeds 10 would be $20.)
  2. Reach out to local organizations that are an easy walk or drive to your establishment and that you believe could use some food support. These could be doctors offices, a local emergency care center, a food pantry, anything. Speak with their manager, explain what you’re doing, and how you’d like to help.
  3. Set up a separate til in order to keep transactions from Order’s Up separate from regular orders at your restaurant; enable people to call and provide their credit cards to pay-forward an amount that you apply to the till to be used 100% towards the creation of your menu to be donated. an easy suggestion would be to set up a google docs spreeadsheet
  4. Coordinate drop offs to your supported organizations with donation recipients, either via a curb pick up at your venue or via a delivery person from your restaurant to their door. make sure you supply a time for pick up/drop off.

Once you have finalized the above steps, email us the details and we’ll add you to our website as well as share through our social channels. We encourage you to rally your community on social to do the same.

We can get though this challenging and stressful time by working together. We hope you find Order’s Up useful and that it helps to alleviate some stress surrounding your business. Please do not hesitate to offer suggestions or ask questions.

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