In this time of crisis

The world is in a time of crisis with the Coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease that it causes. People are practicing social distancing to limit the spread of the virus, with lots of our society going into shutdown mode, while at the same time other businesses need to stay open and are being slammed.

The service industry is caught in the middle of this, with restaurants feeling the need to both close as well as to stay open. But business is suffering, people still need to eat, and employees of these restaurants need to earn a paycheck. We can all be a part of supporting our local restaurants but also supporting the people who work at our doctors’ offices, hospitals, fire stations, police stations, and so many of our first responders.

Each of the restaurants below is dedicated to staying open and available. They are being encouraged to create an optimized catering menu, one that can provide healthy meals to organizations in need of support. Each restaurant in our directory will provide that menu, but also tell you exactly which local organizations they’ve been in contact with to provide meals to. We encourage you to call a restaurant in our list and to donate money towards the providing of those meals. Your dollars will help those restaurants keep on the lights, pay their employees, and provide a much-needed show of love and support to the people keeping our communities safe.

Who We Are

John Turner is the founder of Boy Burns Barn, a boutique branding agency with an emphasis in the restaurant industry. He has developed concepts and identity design for over a hundred restaurants both big and small across the country and over seas. His developer partner David Kutcher operates Confluent Forms and together they have launched hundreds of sites for the hospitality community over the past 15 years.